Bon Scott Memorials

Bon Scott Statue, Fishing Boat Harbour, Fremantle

The Bon Scott Statue, located in Fremantle’s Fishing Boat Harbour, is an iconic heritage landmark which draws thousands of visitors from across the globe each year. The statue commemorates the life of rock legend, former AC/DC lead vocalist and Fremantle’s favourite son, Bon Scott (1946–80).

Erected in 2008, it was made possible by the generous donations of Bon Scott and AC/DC fans worldwide.

The Bon Scott statue, cast by local artist Greg James, is the most popular of Fremantle’s public sculptures (according to Lonely Planet); rated among Fremantle’s top visitor attractions (according to Trip Advisor) and sees Bon strutting on a Marshall amplifier in his trademark pose with microphone.

Visit Greg James’ website for the story behind the Bon Scott Statue

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Bon Scott’s memorial at Fremantle Cemetery

Bon Scott’s final resting place is in Fremantle Cemetery’s Gardens of Rememberance, located a short drive from the heart of Fremantle. Bon’s memorial consists of his cremated remains; a plaque; memorial entrance gate and a dedicated memorial bench seat donated by the Scott family.

The memorial has been recognised by Australia’s National Trust for its cultural significance to the people of Fremantle, Australia and the world – in particular for its association with the Fremantle-raised Bon Scott, singer of the band AC/DC from 1974-1980. AC/DC is one of the most popular Australian bands of all time, influencing musicians and the music scene from the mid 1970s to the current day.

Thousands of people make the journey to Bon Scott’s memorial each year, with the pilgrimage to Bon’s final resting place the theme of a major motion picture, Thunderstruck, released in 2004.

Read more about Bon Scott’s memorial on the National Trust website.

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